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A little fun in AOL: America Online

1. In the Keyword box, type: smile4u.
2. click smiley face for sound!

Things in the about menu: America Online

1. Load AOL
2. Go to Help -> ABOUT
3. press control E
4. also, press control r
5. control t
6. control y
7. control i

Secret Chat Sounds: America Online

1. Go into ANY chat room
2. Type one of these things in:

{S welcome
{S goodbye
{S gotmail
{S im
{S drop
{S systemstart or {S systemexit
{S buddyin or {S buddyout
{S fliedone

3D Leprechaun: America Online

1. Logon to America Online.
2. Go to Keyword.
3. Type "Pot 'O' Gold".

Cartoon Characters: America Online

1. In the keywords box, type in the following cartoon characters' names backwards:

shaggy - yggahs
booboo - ooboob
yogi - igoy

Roll the Dice: America Online

1. Go to any chat room on America Online
2. Type this in main window:
3. see what online host has to say


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