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Pinball in Word 97: Microsoft Word 97

1. Open a new document.
2. Type "Blue" (without quotes)
3. Select the word Blue
4. Go to Format -> Font
5. Choose Font Style Bold, Color Blue 
6. Type " " (space) after word "Blue" 
7. Go to Help -> About
8. Ctrl-Shift-Left click the Word icon/banner
9. Use Z for left flipper, M for right flipper, and ESC to exit 

Fun in Word: Microsoft Word 6.0

1. Type "t3!" (no quotes)
2. Select that text and set it to bold
3. Choose "Auto Format" from the Format menu
4. Click OK, then Accept
5. Choose "About Microsoft Word" from the Help menu, and click on the logo in the box displayed.

Cool Animation: Microsoft Word 97

1. In Word '97, type any short sentence.
2. Select the text that you have just typed in.
3. Click on Format (top menu) > font
4. Select the animation tab
5. Select "Las Vegas Lights"
6. Click "OK"
7. After the text, hit enter.
8. Click Format > Background > [select black]
9. Hit and hold space, watch the animation speed!

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